As of October, 2017:

Summary of Qualifications 

  • Electrical engineer (MS, 2011) with more than 6 years’ experience conducting research and development in the aerospace industry
  • Proven expertise in modeling, designing, testing and simulating power electronics and electric motors for commercial, military, and space applications
  • Excellent communication skills; able to evaluate and synthesize complex information into concise reports and recommendations, and communicate research findings to expert and lay audiences
  • Eager to use analytic and technical skills to address emerging challenges and policy debates

 Core Knowledge

Power Electronics (MOSFETs/IGBTs), Electric Machines (Motors/Generators), Analog Design, Electrical Subsystem Modeling, Electromechanical Simulation, Motion Control, Electromagnetic Analysis, Filtering, Laboratory Testing, Soldering (IPC J-Standard Certified)

Technical Software

MATLAB, Simulink, PLECS, OrCAD (Cadence), SPEED (CD-Adapco), MathCAD, Polarion, ePDM


Electrical Engineer, R&D: 2011-Present, Triumph Integrated Systems Seattle (

  • Tested a motor currently in active use on the International Space Station (ISS)
  • Designed actuators, electric machines, and power electronics for the SB>1 Defiant JMRTD
  • Simulated power electronics for an electric motor-pump application for Defiant
  • Designed a 5kW permanent magnet AC motor for the Defiant main landing gear
  • Led dynamometer testing for an electric braking system for SNC’s Dream Chaser
  • Simulated electric braking, antiskid, and vehicle landing dynamics for the Dream Chaser
  • Collaborated on advanced electric brakes, integrated flap controls, electronics, and motor designs
  • Debugged board-level hardware issues on multiple motor-drive projects, proposed solutions
  • Researched and authored an active rectifier chapter for a smart pump proposal for Airbus
  • Designed active demonstrations of smart actuators for showcasing at Farnborough, Paris Airshows
  • Collaborated on engineering communications plans, policy development and deployment
  • Drafted specification, acceptance, qualification, and testing documentation

Team Member and Researcher: 2010-2011, The Microformer Project (, University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison Climate Leadership Challenge Grand Prize Winner, $50,000

  • Co-created a low-cost, open-source electrification system utilizing post-consumer materials
  • Conference Paper: Reuse of Post-Consumer E-Waste for Low Cost Micropower Distribution

Research Assistant: 2009-2011,  UW-Madison Department of Electrical Engineering,  Wisconsin Electric Machines & Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC)

  • Collaborated with United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) to provide an electric grid interconnection device for installation at McGuire Air Force Base (NJ) for master’s thesis work


  • MS in Electrical Engineering, UW-Madison (May 2011)
    • Thesis: Islanding Detection Methods for Microgrids
    • Graduate Certificate: Energy Analysis and Policy from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
  • BS in Electrical Engineering, UW-Madison (May 2009)
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Exam – Passed (EIT-Washington State)
  • GPA: Undergraduate: 3.5 (in major), 3.3 overall, Graduate: 3.6


  • Paper Reviewer – IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
  • Engineers Without Borders – UW-Madison
    • Student Project Manager (Rwanda Project), water collection system (2007)
    • Student Chapter Vice President (2008-2009)
    • Program Member (Haiti Project), solar installation, microhydro survey (2010)


  • Climate Leadership Challenge Grand Prize Winner – The Microformer (2010)
  • Grainger Power Engineering Scholarship (2009)
  • Eagle Scout Award (2004)

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